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İdeal Kilo Hesaplama

Calculate Your İdeal Weight

Body Surface Area :
Lean Body Weight :
Your Ideal Weight :
Your Body Mass Index ( BMI ) :

Indicates that the appropriate weight according to your height. Take care that you maintain your weight by making adequate and balanced diet and regular physical activity.

İdeal Kilo Hesaplama

What is the Ideal Weight

The ideal weight is the weight value proportional to your height so that you can live a healthy life. Even the loss of only 1 kg weight applied scientific studies have shown that extend the human life span 3 or 4 months. Body Mass Index shown above (BMI) in the statement of your weight in kilograms and meters from the intersection of your height in the area where you can find the ideal is not your weight. If you are above or below your ideal weight, your current weight to be followed to achieve this weight the way, as soon as excess can not get or lose weight, healthy weight loss / Gain to ensure and maintain this weight in the long term.

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